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And the whole book of Second Samuel is all going to be about when David is King of the Jews.

There are two books about when David was king of the Jews.

Yes, the book of Second Samuel, and the book of First Chronicles, both about the time when David was the king of the children of Israel.

And first Chronicles are going to be full of stories about David when he was king, chess to Second Samuel, his will, as you remember, at the end of First Samuel, King Saul, and his son, Jonathan, were both killed in battle.

Now, remember, King Saul when he was alive, had been jealous of David, and had tried to kill David.

The Lord told David, yes, go there.

Then David said to the Lord, where

So David became the king of all of the Jews.

Well, David, who was no king David took an army.

Remember, Bethlehem was called the city of David, because that’s where David was born and grew up.

Now, why do you think that was that David became such a great king?

David loves God very much.

And God loves David.

In fact, the Bible calls David, a man after God’s own heart.

That means that David tried to obey God, and loved God, very much.

Other psalms are asking God for forgiveness when David had sinned.

And the Philistines heard that David was king of the Jews now.

When David heard about this, David went into his forte, and he asked God, shall I go out and fight the Philistines?

So David went out and God let him beat the Philistine army.

And again, David asked the Lord, shall I go up against them?

And God made it so that the other countries were afraid of David, and would leave him alone.

But now David wanted to bring the ark of God up to Jerusalem.

You see, when God first told Moses, a long time before, how to build the ark, God had told Moses, to put places on the sides of the ark of God, that pulls could be slid into those places.

And then David was afraid of the Lord and said How can I take the ark of God with me?

Anyway, David left the ark of God at a man’s house, and David went home.

Well, David bit built houses for himself in Jerusalem, the city of David.

And David was told that God was blessing the home where the Ark was.

So David had a place fixed for the ark of God in Jerusalem, he put a tent there.

And David said, No one is to carry the ark of God except the Levites, because that is what the Lord said.

The ark of God was brought into the city of David there in Jerusalem.

David arranged for the regular worship of God, and for sacrifices to be made to God.

But one of David’s wives had been looking out of the window, as the ark was being brought into the city of David.

But David said to his wife, I made myself humble before the Lord, who made me King, and I will do it again.

Now, God help David against his enemies.

Nathan said to David, do what you want to.

You see, David wanted to build a nice house or temple for the ark of God.

So the prophet Nathan told David what the Lord had said,And David, praise the Lord.

After that, God let David win over other enemies.

All of this was because God was blessing David.

And David loved God very much.

David did something very bad.

Well, the Lord God sent the prophet Nathan did David.

And Nathan told David how bad he would had been, and that God would have to punish him.

David was very sorry that he had been so bad.David said, I have sinned against the Lord.

And David prayed to God and he wrote his All that we have in the Bible, saying how bad he had been, and how sorry he was, and asking for the Lord to forgive him, and to help him to be good.Thanks for reading and God bless you


Published by Chuka Ken

As spiritual warfare comes up in churches all over the world, the Lord has given us a great spiritual leader for the times. Brother Ken Sirika, the man of God. His love is found in the banner over us, “God is love.” In this he is a man of God. He is bringing the love of God to a wider audience of believers as well as to those who do not believe in God.

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