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From the Christian point of view, God is the lovely father of his kids He is almighty creator of entire universe, who are sending us forgiveness for all our sins through his son Jesus Christ.

Christian’s worldview about God is holding only on what can found in the Bile.

And in the Bible we can find that God is: Holy “for he is a holy God” (Joshua 24:19 The Lutheran Study Bible: English Standard Version), Lovely “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son” (John 3:16).

Main characteristic of God in Christian worldview – God is three persons in One (Holy Trinity) – Father, Holy Spirit, and Jesus Christ.

In the same time, God is Spirit, and God is Human being (Jesus Christ).

From the characteristics as character, I would mention that from the Christian worldview, God is full with glory and righteousness.

So Christians do believe that God made Adam and Eve with pure nature, later this purity was injured by sin, but it will be purified back after the second come.

Christian’s purpose of human being is to serve to God, proclaim word of truth in order to give more and more people chance for salvation.

True believer will act correct to show Gods glory, and he will do this because God said to us to help, love because of the grace that was given to us through Jesus Christ.

God gave his grace to Christians, so they through faith in Jesus Christ will receive salvation.

The great benefit from being Christian is to know, that God is always with you.

Moreover, when the time of life will come to the end, Christian will leave this planet with no fear, since God is with him.

Christians behaves, as God want him to behave.

If you are a Christian, how specifically do you live out the beliefs of the Christian worldview?

I live with words of God in my heart, and I will try to act that way, so I will not put a shadow of shame on the name of the Christianity.

Conclusion Christians in their worldview knows who is their God.

True Christian will act that way that he with his good deeds, will proclaim God’s word, so more people will go to heavens.


Published by Chuka Ken

As spiritual warfare comes up in churches all over the world, the Lord has given us a great spiritual leader for the times. Brother Ken Sirika, the man of God. His love is found in the banner over us, “God is love.” In this he is a man of God. He is bringing the love of God to a wider audience of believers as well as to those who do not believe in God.

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