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About us

We’re a ministry that emphasis the knowledge of passion for, and obedience to God’s word.

we are a ministry committed to the power of God’s grace to transform out lives as we abide in Jesus Christ and allow His spirit to work in us.

Chuka Ken Ministry At Chuka Ken Ministry, led by Chuka Ken we believe that no bone is disposable and everybody counts.

Chuka Ken founded Chuka Ken Ministry in 2021 and since also have reached numerous people with the vaticination, the word of God and music.

Chuka Ken continues the work of God with quotidian prophetic , words, Chuka leads the CKM team in prophetic mentoring programs, and ongoing ministry trip.

Chuka launched an evangelism action online Through this new action, we have seen over 3000 people come to a first- time commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ and multitudinous, multitudinous rededications to Christ as well.

Prophet Chuka Ken Chuka Ken is a prophet and business minister with over 30 times of service in the Kingdom of God.

Chuka Ken founded Chuka Ken Ministry in 2021and since also have prognosticated to thousands in Nigeria and other countries.

In the early 2000 he supported in the oversight of a group of 400 churches before traveling abroad Chuka Ken converted the business to a business ministry model and out of that Chuka Ken Ministry was born.

” So when we worship, we ’re saying, “ God, He’s our God and You come before anything or anyone differently.

” As the church worshiped, God used their deification to attract those who were outside of Christ and to bring them into the pack.

When people who do n’t know Jesus see God’s people worshiping Him, it’s a strong substantiation that He’s our God and we’re His people, and that we ’ve come into His presence to magnify His glory, greatness and virtuousness!

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